This Strategy Costs Absolutely Nothing and Will Help You Get Better at Almost Anything


Changing your behavior is hard to do by yourself. An accountability partner keeps you focused and holds up a mirror.

I was sitting in a packed workshop audience two years ago listening to Marshall Goldsmith, ranked the No. 1 leadership thinker and executive coach in the world. He was, not surprisingly, talking about how to be a successful leader. What was surprising–shocking, even–was the bomb he dropped in the middle of his talk: “I’m too cowardly and undisciplined to do this work by myself. I have a person who calls me on the phone every day. She reads me questions I wrote for myself and I answer them. Why? Because I need help and it’s OK.”

Wow. If Marshall Goldsmith needs this kind of help–and gets that kind of return on his time–I was pretty certain I did too. He was talking about accountability partnerships.

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