SKYBIZ joins 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo

SKYBIZ joins 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs' Expo 1

Internet access is now considered a basic human right by the United Nations in July 2016. The right to access the internet has enabled people to open up their own opportunities.

As the world gets connected, more and more businesses are also being set up anywhere, even right at the comfort of our home.

As you grow your business, you need a reliable internet connection that works with you and can cope up with your needs.

In line with this, the 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo welcomes our sponsor, SKYBIZ.

Part of the country’s largest cable TV provider, SKYBIZ has served large, medium and small-scale enterprises since its establishment in 2014.

SKYBIZ has received kudos from business process outsourcing to hotels and even retail companies for its business-grade fiber broadband connections. For this year’s PBEX, they are offering their WiFi Booster Plan which gives wider WiFi coverage. Visit SKYBIZ at the 10th PBEX to learn more about this promo which is beneficial for cafes, offices and the like.

SKYBIZ and the 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo look forward to seeing you soon – Register now to get in faster.

PBEX 2019 is organized by business event organizer Ex-Link Management & Marketing Services Corporation. For partnerships, call tel. no. 633-0153, SMS 0920 924 2532 / 0920 981 4376 or email info@exlinkevents.com.

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