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  • Lead Generation Potential
    Opportunity to interact with business owners and professionals
  • Build Brand Proximity
    Raise your company profile and generate brand awareness
  • Direct Sales Opportunities
    Introduce your products and services to your target market
  • Cost-Effective Networking
    Less expensive than a print ad and running radio ads and TV commercials

The country’s economy is changing as time goes by, and all of a sudden, we’ll be part of a bigger economic community in the next few years. Unlike before, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will now have to compete in a much larger market which also involves neighboring countries.

To get ahead of the rest, you must equip yourself with knowledge in new trends going around the MSME industry, and if there’s one place that we recommend you to do that, it’s the Philippine Business & Entrepreneurs’ Expo.

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The Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo (PBEX) is an event that is part of our conscious effort in cultivating and nurturing the MSME Industry. This three-day event gathers eight thousand (8,000) visitors and has been running for ten years and counting.

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