Don’t Laugh: How Crying Could Save Your Business | Philippine Business Expo

Philippine Business Expo

When’s the last time you cried?

I cried this morning. I thought about how many people were relying on me to make the right decisions and how much those decisions had the potential to hurt the people I know and love if they went wrong. If I had a nickel for every night I fell asleep scared stiff about failure, I could fund my next five businesses.

Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur comes with an unrealistic expectation for bravado: We think a thriving entrepreneur must over-represent the positives, overlook the negatives and maintain grit. We believe insecurity, fear, and shame need to be pushed aside in order to inspire confidence in our friends, employees and investors. With 70 percent of upstart tech companies failing, it’s no surprise we overcompensate for the lows and exaggerate the highs in the public light.



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